Java SE7 Programming Language Lectures


In recent years Java programming language has gained considerable impact. There is several sound reasons for this increase of the popularity.This is the sign that Java had been designed with solid grounds, the amount of available programming support is found satisfactory, people have confidence that Java development will bring new horizons as it is observed from the release of the first version. Java is carefully designed and constanly improving programming language issued and developed from a single source namely the SUN company in the original and from Oracle presently. Source uniformity has given a considerable stability and well oriented development direction to this programming language.

There is much to say for explaining the popularity of Java. First of all, Java is the sole advanced programming language freely available today for addressing directly to the problem eliminating the endless struggle for sorting out in the address labirynths of the computer memory locations. With Java, we can direcly apply the methods related to problem itself, without wasting our energy to circumvent the flood of difficulties arising from the computer architectural system. Java has the essential purity explaining its ease of programming together with a huge free resources library applicable for almost every kind of computer applications giving to the programmers a warm feeling of comfort of being at the sweet home. Java is a well crafted, hardly worked computer programming environment. It is easy to program and building attractive visual elements for presentation in Java using pre-build visual component libraries. These are only some examples of the advantages using Java as the programing language in any software project. Today Java is the most prevalent programming language of the universe and it is applied in various fields like everyday programming, small scale applictions, web servers, embedded devices, cell phones, tablet computers, spacecrafts, military devices, medical apparatus, nuclear power plants and other less expedited areas.

Java has evolved since its first release. These lessons are based on the latest 7th version and the covering examples are compiled with this latest release of Java Virtual Machine this means the latest standards.

Today, Java is the programming environment that all the computer programming students have to study for a solid base in their computional career. This lecture aims to accomplish this task.

The lectures are thought to develop Java profiency from the ground-up. There might not be much programming knowledge necessary in the beginning. I hope these lectures will be useful for all the students in all over the world. All the questions are welcome and all the students are cordially encouraged to post all their things in mind to me. Happy coding...

Prof. Dr. Bedri Doğan Emir

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